Terms and Conditions

  • Closing of weekly bonus is 7 days from the date of activation, if you upgraded package within 7 days, then your bonus will be as per latest package.
  • Time bound achievements are Rookie, Pro, Expert.
  • Legend achievement there is no time bound.
  • Monthly Royality payout will be as per highest ranking only.
  • If you do not achieve your team incentive ranking within time bound, pairing benefit will be as per rookie.
  • Package activation and withdrawal will be HPNS Token only.
  • Dollar price will be as per prevailing market price.
  • Withdrawal will be instant in HPNS Token with charges of 5 percent.
  • HPNS token traded (buy/sell/trade) on Whatashot.io, Latoken, Coinsbit, Vindax, Bankcex.