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Empowering People

FAIRXTRADE is an Worlds first organization committed to empowering the community by creating an ecosystem, based on Binance Chain. CATEXH coin team has vast and rich experience in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

We have designed very unique and an innovative program for our community to achieve the greatest success and prosperity. Content has to be like this.


Without any control from any authority any financial institution, CATEXH coin allows you to use your financial resources the way you want and with complete safety.

Low Cost

CATEXH Coin is quite affordable as compared to other cryptocurrencies. You can freely trade it on the trading platform and on Finexh exchange.

Price Growth

Get a long term return on your investment by holding the CATEXH Coins for a time as the value of the token grows over time.

Unmatched Services

Our Next Generation Platform

FAIRXTRADE MT7 platform is able to address inefficiencies by implementing blockchain technology in the market that until now have not had a solution. By offering a CATEXH coin to brokers and traders, we provide a medium through which to effortlessly convert fiat currency into digital currency.

FAIRXTRADE will provide you with the best possible opportunities to trade. Our list of trading instruments is growing constantly, offering you many new opportunities for trading!

  • Forex
  • Crypto
  • Metal
  • Indices
  • Energy CC

When you travel to a new place, there are endless expenses that you have to make. We take huge pride in telling you that we have made it easy for you to use our coin CATEXH on travel expenses.

Also, Cryptocurrency has come up in almost every place such that people can withdraw money easily to spend on travel expenses. Now a days, travel bookings, accommodation bookings, and other expenses can be supported using our CATEXH Coin wallet easily.

The E-Commerce sector has experienced a boom as people have shifted towards online platforms.

We are offering decentralization of e-commerce by turning every garage into a distribution center and combining the best of technology to offer customers a digital ledger that provides fraud-proof solutions and auto-verifies transactions leaving behind a transparent and immutable audit trail.

With FAIRXTRADE, people can purchase goods from a range of over 30000 branded products at super discounted rates using CATEXH coin users through E-commerce plateforms.

The mission is to enhance the user experience by providing them next level of skill Casino Games. Our platform allows fast deposit and withdrawal of funds with blockchain-based authentication technology.

FAIRXTRADE represents an online gaming that is the first of its kind with over 600+ tables using CATEXH coin. Our platform will allow users to learn and earn from gaming in real time.

Financial freedom

FAIRXTRADE is the future of a decentralised world.

We are working hard to support our community and continuously designing and building platforms backed by blockchain. We aim to provide more freedom and flexibility to our users.

  • Backed by Blockchain technology.
  • Versatile and Flexible program in nature.
  • A complete transparent process.