Innovative Live Financial Trading Platform.

We are a team of experienced professionals who have years of experience in the financial markets, FAIRXTRADE has been designed to empower the common people and entrepreneurs to use live trading platforms and learn to earn using their own skills.

Our vision is to provide financial support to people all over the world who intend to join FAIRXTRADE through our CATEXH Coin community. The LIVE MCX TRADING in our company owned MT7 platform, CRYPTOCURRENCY TRADING, SPORTS TRADING, FOREX TRADING as well as other trading in INTERNATIONAL MARKETS will enhance UTILITY of our CATEXH coin, We are believers platform of CATEXH coin and have utility on these platforms thereby genuinely assisting in the growth and increment of CATEXH.

We provide Financial Services to both traders and investors from all over the world. Traders can take advantage by trading their preferred instruments like Forex, Crypto, Metal, Indices and Energy CC on FAIRXTRADE MT7 Platform. We also have a very unique and innovative module for people who do not want to trade on their own, they can simply invest on FAIRXTRADE platform and our hired globally known skilled traders will trade on behalf of investors. Every earning will be shared with investors, only a minimal percentage from this earning will go to the platform. This way investors can boost their revenue.

FAIRXTRADE has a solution for everyone. Join and earn unlimited with us.

Why us?

Buidling Better World Drives Us

To Build New Digital World

We want people around the world to work together to innovate and support each other finacially.

To Raise Businesses to New Heights

Together with you, we can shap a new digital economy, removing unnecessary friction and unlocking real potential.

Join and learn how easy it is to expand your global financial network.